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Why should we use Eco Friendly products?

Any living element and kingdom responds to nature spontaneously. They grow in fresh air, water and soil more healthily than artificial lifestyles. So any nature friendly substance is eco friendly either it is developed from natural resources or made to compose easily in the soil and nature for ecological balance. So one should avoid harmful substances to use in daily life and adopt eco-friendly products and lifestyles.

What can we do?

  1. We can replace chemically made tableware like plastic, thermocol, polythene by Sugarcane bagasse, cornstarch and areca leaf tableware which can be disposed of in soil easily and with no toxic effect in our body.
  2. We can replace plastic carry bags and garbage bags by cotton, jute and compostable bags
  3. We can replace the plastic water bottle by pure copper and glass bottles which will keep the water fresh and healthy
  4. We can use the food containers made of sugarcane, cornstarch, areca and starch paper instead of chemicals and plastics
  5.  We can use renewable energy like solar power, wind energy more to reduce carbon dioxide from coal burning for conventional power/electricity
  6.  We can give more priority to Electric vehicles for our daily commuting like scooty, bikes and battery operated bikes and other vehicles
  7. We can use natural water purifier developed by nano-technology that can remove arsenic, fluoride, chlorine and other impurities easily by replacing the RO water purifierSo it is about changing our lifestyle to an eco-friendly lifestyle for a healthy and sustainable future by our Go Green initiatives. It will make our mind and body fresh and efficient.

Are Eco-friendly products costlier ?

No in long run it is far more economical when we will compare the medical expenses and health hazards occuring in the current situation

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