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SunEco Green Campus

Dear Patron,

It is indeed a great pleasure serving our value-added range of green products such as solar appliances, bio tableware, green waste bags. food-grade packaging, non-plastic bio bags, and many eco-friendly products and technologies so long.

Addressing climate change is a worldwide phenomenon today and thereby ESG has taken a major place in corporate practice as a vertical to evaluate, monitor, and certify corporate, government, and non-government organizations globally. The environment-conscious citizens have got a bigger role in implementing green initiatives at their respective residential, community, and workplaces.
Millions of children and elderly citizens are the victims of the pollution of air, water, and soil and by intake of harmful chemicals at every stage of living.

As a startup venture 5 years ago SunEco Tech decided to contribute to nature and society for a better living and healthy future for all. Despite so many hurdles due to lack of awareness and economic resistance from the section of the society we were determined to stick to this green initiative with a 360° approach to address major aspects causing harm to humanity and the living kingdom. We were recognized by Startup India, the Department of DIPP, Government of India for our innovative models and scalability to the larger geography.

The focus areas of the initiative of SunEco Tech Ventures are:

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Ecological sustainable development
  3. Reducing harmful waste
  4. Reducing environmental impact
  5. Making the best use of available resources
  6. Safe and pollution-free environment

To make our 5th Corporate Anniversary more meaningful and attractive to the society at large and practice GoGreen for every life, SunEco Tech Ventures have launched ‘SunEco Green Campus’ which is a landmark project for the participation of every individual in their sphere to support the environment for the benefits of their own life.

“SunEco Green Campus” at your setup- A Go Green Initiative by SunEco Tech Ventures! We are excited to announce the launch of our new comprehensive project, one of its first to change the style of living and working in a green campus environment. This will essentially provide a green ambiance with efficient Solar and energy saver lighting system, Biowaste management, Organic usage of daily consumables and hydroponics, No-To Plastic (single use) by natural fiber and compostable products, Sapling plantation, Water body restoration, purification and recycling, arsenic and fluoride free pure drinking water by application of nanotechnology, Bio sanitation, Bio food serving and packaging material for all eatables, Eco disposable healthcare products and finally developing an Eco-tourism destination. This is a dream initiative for all to enjoy Ecofriendly Lifestyle at a housing complex, office, institution, sports complex, hotel, resort, hospital, corporate and industrial setup. Hurry up to be a trendsetter for a healthy lifestyle. Go Green!

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