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Held Indian Overseas Diplomatic assignments of Govt of India in UK, France, Spain, UAE, South Africa, Middle East and had been to 85 countries worldwide

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Ex Principal: IISM, NIWS,; Executive Director: Indian Association of Tour Operators; Bureau Chief: Safari Plus, Delhi; Board of Director: ITFT, Chandigarh; Advisor: International Institute of Hospitality Management- North East; Member Advisory Board: Travel Mall, Destination Worldwide, Outbound/Inbound Magazines; Director of Studies: J&K University, Garhwal University; Visiting Faculty: IITTM, New Delhi, Bhubaneswar, Gwalior, Trivandrum, Guwahati, Jaipur; Journalist, Travel Writer & Author;

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Former Centenary Professor of Statistics in Calcutta University, member of the National Advisory Board on Statistics, Govt. of India.

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Chairman of the Committee on Statistical Methods for Quality and Reliability of the Bureau of Indian Standards; President of the Indian Society of Probability and Statistics, Operational Research Society of India and Asian-Pacific Association of Operational Research Societies and linked with various professional societies, statutory bodies and research organizations in different capacities. He was the General Secretary of the Indian Science Congress Association for a three-year stint. Received several awards and honours, including fellowship of the National Academy of Sciences and the P.C.Mahalanobis Birth Centenary Award of the Indian Science Congress Association. Visited several universities in different counties like USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Iceland, Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, Morocco, to deliver lectures . President of the Indian Association for Productivity, Quality and Reliability.

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A Doctorate from University of New Hampshire, New Hampshire (USA) Current CEO of DataActiva LLC, A renowned Data Scientist,

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Evangelist of all aspects of data science. including: data acquisition, data munging, programming, math, statistics, data mining and the interactive data visualization for a variety of business clients.Utilizing both primary and secondary data in the areas of program evaluation, customer satisfaction, loyalty measurement, service- quality assessment, market segmentation, branding, brand assessment, advertising effectiveness, employee engagement, selection, database development, forecasting, Customer

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